Celebrating an American Icon

Smithsonian Institution Exhibit

September thru November 1997

Winn Barn

Cockburn Barn

Frazier Octagonal Barns

Mumm Barn

Bowman Barn

Kibler Barns

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Frazier Farmstead Barn
The Frazier Farmstead Barn was completed in 1918. The barn was used as a horse barn, mainly for carriage and riding horses. The Frazier's allowed town people to rent space in the barn for pleasure horses. As late as the early 1960's local people were stabling and pasturing their horses at the farmstead. The barn has remained unused until recently when the pigeons were screened out of the structure, it was power washed and cleaned for the 'Barn Again' celebrating the Smithsonian Institution Exhibit in 1997. The barn has a central spiral staircase to the hayloft. This stairway appears unique to this barn. New wiring was installed to make the barn light enough for the exhibit and hopefully to see it's use in the future for various other exhibits and displays.


Located at 1403 Chestnut Street

Milton- Freewater, Oregon

The Ole Barn!