Excerpts from the following newspaper articles.

Walla Walla Union Bulletin - Walla Walla WA - 4 May 1947

Old Cemetery Roll was compiled by oldsters in 1942 who played prominent roles in the Frenchtown settlement, and were personally familiar with the cemetery history.  The list has been in possession of Mrs. Nydia Bergevin, in Walla Walla, and from her the list was obtained.  Notations made by the compilers back in 1942 include one which stresses the fact that the pioneers carried water in buckets up the hillside to keep the flowers and shrubbery green and attractive.  Spelling used in the following list of people buried in the cemetery follows that employed by the oldsters who compiled the list, and they, too, added several identifications of persons.

Walla Walla Union Bulletin - Walla Walla WA - 4 October 1953

Bergevin helped build the St Rose Mission in about 1872.  All that is left of it is a marker near the highway and a cemetery on the hill.  As one passes down the highway, he would be led to believe that only half-a-dozen graves are in the cemetery, but there are approximately 125 persons buried there.  


Allard, child
Allard, child
Beauchamp (father of Mose Beauchamp)
Beauchamp, Mr.
Beauchimie, Mr. (Prob. Beauchamp)
Beauchimie, Mrs.
Bergevin, Joseph
Bergevin, Mrs. L. (Celine Forest)
Billinger, Mr.
Braden, Mrs.
Brisbain, Mr.
Chartier, Mr.
Dauphin, Abe
Dauphin, Katherine (wife of above)
Dauphin, Mathen (Duffy)
Dauphin, Mr. (Later changed to Duffy)
Dauphin, Relative
Dauphin, Relative
Dobson, dau
Dobson, Dau
Dobson, James
Dobson, Mr.
Dobson, Mrs.
Dobson, Mrs. James
Dobson, William
Dorio, Babtiste (could be Dorion)
Farron, Mr.
Ferrians, Mr.
Ferrians, Mrs.
Findlay, Mr.
Findlay, Mrs.
Findlay, Nicholas (Bro of John Findlay
Forest, Joe Mrs.
Forrest, Annie Mrs. LaFavere
Forrest, Joe
Gagnon, Ben (Infant)
Gagnon, Howard (son of Medoce Gagnon)
Gagnon, Infant child of Marcel
Gagnon, Julia Mrs.
Gagnon, Marcel Mrs. (Dau of Benjamin Reymond
Gagnon, Medoce Mr.
Gagnon, Medoce Mrs.
Gagnon, Mignon (Bro of Marcel Gagnon
Gagnon, Roselee, Mrs.
Gagnon, Salina Miss
Gravelle Mr.
Gravelle, Mr.
Gravelle, Mrs.
Gravelle, son
LaCourse, Mr.
LaCourse, Peirre
LaCourse, Peirre Mrs.
McBean, Child
McDuphin, Abraham aged 21(son of McDauphin)
Narcissee Child
Narcissee, Child
Narcissee, Reymond
Narcissee, Reymond Mrs.
Paino, Baptiste
Paino, Mr.
Paino, Mrs.
Pamrun, Child (s/b Pambrun)
Pamrun, Child (s/b Pambrun)
Parent, Dau of Frank Parent
Parent, Frank
Parent, Frank Mrs.
Parezean. Mr.
Perrier, Babtiste
Porier, Dau of Mr. Porier
Porier, Mr.
Rainville, Isabelle Mrs.
Rainville, son of Isabella Rainville
Raymond, Dau of Narcisse
Raymond, George
Raymond, Leonase Miss
Raymond, Narcisse
Raymond, Narcisse Mrs.
Raymond, Pierre
Remillard, Dau of Romine
Remillard, Ramon
Remillard, Raymond Mrs. (Dau of Benjamin Reymond)
Remillard, Romine
Remillard, Romine Mrs.
Reymond, Benjamin
Reymond, Benjamin Mrs. (dau of Findlay)
St Dennis, Mrs.
St. Dennis, Cecilia Miss
St. Dennis, Jerry Mrs.
St. Dennis, Mamie Miss
St. Dennis, Mr.
Tellier, Mr.
Tellier, Mr.
Tellier, Mrs.
Tellier, Mrs.