Four Kibler barns were built prior to 1920.  Two of the large structures are located about two miles from Walla Walla, WA on Mill Creek Road.  The barns are on the left side of the road and are painted their original white with gray trim.  The first barn is now a part of Glen Fiona Winery and the second barn is owned by the Finch family. These structures are easily identified because of their huge size.


Two more Kibler barns are located on Spring Creek Road which is located by traveling east from Walla Walla to the cut before you get to Dixie.  Turn right from Highway 12 in the cut and immediately turn left into Spring Creek Road. Out of the cut you will see the familiar white and gray Kibler barn on the right, and to the left across an old railroad bed is a "red" Kibler barn that is the largest of them all.  The red Kibler barn was built for 48 draft horses.  The nearby white Kibler barn stabled 32 horses and had storage space for 150 tons of loose hay, grain and harness storage for all the horses.  Robert and Margaret Kibler own the Century Farm.  The barn was built in 1918 for $4,000  by Frank Kibler. The cedar siding and red fir were shipped by train from the west coast for all of the Kibler barns.