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Our goal is to research the pioneers that came into the Walla Walla Valley Area, as a starter for those doing their family genealogy; we are not related.

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Generation No. 1

1. WILLIAM1 MARTIN was born 1822 in Hampshire County, West Virginia, and died Abt. 1899 in Pendleton, Umatilla, Oregon1. He married MARCILA ?. She was born Abt. 1832 in New York.


Martin, William, Capt.

The following data is extracted from History of the Pacific Northwest, Oregon and Washington, 1889.

CAPT. WILLIAM MARTIN. - Captain Martin, of the first real immigration, that of 1843, is still living in a hale age at Pendleton, Oregon. He was born in West Virginia in 1822, and came west to Missouri in 1841. In 1843 he joined a company coming to Oregon, being intimately associated with Daniel Waldo. Reaching Oregon after the vicissitudes of that eventful march, he took up a claim at Howell's Prairie, working for Waldo at ten dollars per month, although wages were sixty dollars. But the former figure was his pre-agreement with Waldo; and he would not dishonor it. In 1848 he enlisted in a company of a hundred and fifty men that went to the Walla Walla to punish the Cayuses for the murder of Doctor Whitman. After the Indians were defeated at Sand Hollow, he was left in charge at Waiilatpu to protect the immigrants coming through remaining there nine months.

In 1849 he went to California, and, although successful in digging gold, found that his rifle, with which he was an excellent shot, was nearly as profitable as a gold mine. There was a good market for venison at seventy-five cents per pound; and in three weeks he secured and disposed of eleven hundred dollars' worth. Provisions in general were worth three dollars per pound. This was on Trinity river. In 1850 he began the business of buying cattle in Oregon, and driving them to Yreka and other Northern California towns, and mining during the interims. This he continued until 1862, when he was lured away to Idaho by the great reports of gold discoveries at Florence. He was stopped midway, however, by discovering gold on the John Day river, and there remained thirteen years, still retaining an interest in quartz mining at that point.

After ranching at Camas Prairie, and raising sheep and cattle on Stewart creek, he moved to Pendleton in 1880, making that his home since. He has seen the most of the growth of the place. Mr. Martin has been justly honored with official trust. He was sheriff of old Champoeg county, sheriff of Siskiyou county for two years. In 1880 he was elected sheriff of Umatilla county by a majority of a hundred and twenty-two. He ran on the Republican ticket; and the county was strongly Democratic on a strictly party vote. He was re-elected in 1882, and again in 1884, but declined to run in 1886. He was elected, however, mayor of Pendleton in that year. In1888 he was successful as candidate for county judge.

He found his wife in Siskiyou county, California, and has lived with her a happy life. A man of whom the state is proud, whom we cannot help liking, and who has born the burden and heat of the day in every toil, and in exposure to the elements, and who has battled with the Indians; - such is Captain Martin.


*15: Capt. William J. Martin: Martin was an emigrant of 1843 who had returned east with Fremont in 1844; left St. Joseph, MO; traveled with the Elam Brown train for a time before striking out on their own; on June 10 was at Fort Laramie, well ahead of all others; some members of party cutoff for CA


County Election, June 7, 1880

Sheriff, William Martin, Rep

County Election, June 6, 1882

Sheriff, William Martin, Rep


California State Militia and National Guard Unit Histories

Siskiyou Guard

Official or other titles: Siskiyou Guard, Sixth Division, Second Brigade

Location: Humbug City, Siskiyou County

Mustered in: December 6, 1655

Reorganized: September 15, 1859 (1)

Commanding Officers

William Martin, Captain, Date of Rank: December 6, 1855

James B. Hollaway, First Lieutenant, Date of Rank: December 6, 1855; Commissioned: December 6, 1855 (2)

"One of the numerous expeditions against the hostiles was headed by General Cosby in person, who discovered signs of Indians on an island in Tule Lake. Captain Martin of the Siskiyou Guard took a detachment to investigate. On this venture all Indians escaped with the exception of one woman, who was killed by Private Riley while she was in the act of aiming an arrow at Captain Martin. This was the only known Indian to have been killed or wounded; yet reports were published "That enough warriors had been killed in the battle to have annihilated the tribes of Northern California; the 'millennium' of good Indians seemed to be at hand." During this campaign, one soldier was killed, Corporal John Bond, who was accidentally shot by a trooper named Madden"


Sperry was Sheriff for two years before William Martin was elected to the first of three, two-year terms.

Martin was born in Hampshire County in West Virginia in 1822. He moved to Oregon in 1843 and served for a time as Sheriff of the Marion County. He also at one time was Sheriff in Siskiyou County in California.


The Trail of 1843

The company was soon to be involved in several severe storms that left them waterlogged and axle deep in muddy quagmires. Adding to the complaints, was the dissatisfaction created between those who had cattle and those who did not. After much dissension, Peter Burnett resigned. William Martin assumed command of the company without loose cattle. Jesse Applegate was elected leader of the "Cow Column", which consisted of approximately 60 wagons and a couple of thousand head of cattle.


1860 Census CA Siskiyou Humbug Pg 85

Line 21

117 1152 Henry Lehneka 28 M Miner Hanover

William Martin 39 M Miner VA


1870 Census OR Grant Granite Pg 335

Line 1

18 18 Martin Wm 48 MW Miner VA

---------, Marcelli 37 FW Keeping House NY

White George 17 MW Miner NY


1880 Census OR Umatilla Alto ED 114 Pg 96C

Line 30

200 203 Martin William WM 58 Farmer VA VA VA

----------, Marcella WF 48 Wife Keeping House NY Ireland Ireland


Census 1: 1860, CA Siskiyou Humbug Pg 85

Census 2: 1870, OR Grant Granite Pg 335

Census 3: 1880, OR Umatilla Alto ED 114 Pg 96C

Emigration: 1843, MO by Ox Team 21 yrs old

Occupation 1: 1892, County Judge

Occupation 2: 1880, Farmer

Picnic: 1892, Weston, Umatilla, OR

Residence: 1892, Pendleton, Umatilla, OR

Notes for MARCILA ?:

1910 Census CA Siskiyou Oak Bar ED 116 Pg 3B

Line 63 (Living with Emma White & family)

Martin Marcella Boarder FW 77 M2 NY Ireland Ireland

More About MARCILA ?:

Census 1: 1870, OR Grant Granite Pg 335 (See Husband)

Census 2: 1880, OR Umatilla Alto ED 114 Pg 96C(See Husband)

Census 3: 1910, CA Siskiyou Oak Bar ED 116 Pg 3B



1. An illustrated history of Umatilla County, Pg 63....Captain William Martin, who was sheriff and county judge of Umatilla county for sixteen years,and who died full of years and honors, at Pendleton, in 1899:...