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Our goal is to research the pioneers that came into the Walla Walla Valley Area, as a starter for those doing their family genealogy; we are not related.

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November 27, 2006

Generation No. 1

1. ALBERT A1 BLANCHARD was born 22 Mar 1836 in Indiana, and died 01 Apr 1899 in Probably Walla Walla Washington.. He married ELIZABETH JANE MCELHANEY 27 Jun 1861 in Walla Walla, Walla Walla, Washington, daughter of JAMES MCELHANEY and EMELINE COMBS. She was born 07 Jul 1844 in Kingston, Madison, Arkansas, and died 04 Apr 1933 in Yamhill, OR1.


Frontier Justice Records Search Results for: Blanchard 7 matches

Name County Original Case No Case Date Cause Case Type Party Type

A. A. Blanchard Walla Walla 390 1872 Recovery, County Funds; Collection, Bond Civil Defendant

Eli Blanchard Walla Walla 6060 1889 Trespass, Malicious Criminal Defendant

Albert Blanchard Walla Walla 4788 1887 Collection, Promissory Note Civil Defendant

E. J. Blanchard Walla Walla 4788 1887 Collection, Promissory Note Civil Defendant

Eli Blanchard Walla Walla 6059 1889 Trespass, Malicious Criminal Defendant

Eli Blanchard Walla Walla 6025 1889 Trespass, Malicious Criminal Defendant

A. Blanchard Walla Walla 902 1864 Collection, Agreement Civil Plaintiff


BLANCHARD, ALBERT A WA Walla Walla 4/5/1866 Vancouver 171 WAVAA 025728

SESE 32/ 7-N 35-E No Willamette WA Walla Walla

6 32/ 7-N 35-E No Willamette WA Walla Walla



BLANCHARD, ALBERT A WA Walla Walla 4/25/1874 Walla Walla 85 WAWWAA 024559

1 5/ 6-N 35-E No Willamette WA Walla Walla


2 5/ 6-N 35-E No Willamette WA Walla Walla



1860 Census Oregon Wasco Walla Walla Pg 613B(15 July1860 D.B. Hannah)

Line 4 (next door to McElhaney)

3343 1974 Albert Blanchard 25 M Farmer 200 500 Canada


1860 Census WA Walla Walla Walla Walla Pg 295

Line 19

121 121 Albert Blanchard 25 M Farmer AR


1870 Census Washington Walla Walla Frenchtown Pg 10(7 June 1870 P. B. Johnson)

Line 29

85 87 Blanchard A. A. 31 MW Farmer 1500 2000 Ind

-------------------, Elizabeth 26 FW Keeping House Ark

Vincent, John 11 MW Iowa

Hodges, Emma 2 FW Wash Territory


Albert Blanchard Self M Male W 43 IND Stock Raiser IND IND

Elizabeth Blanchard Wife M Female W 35 AK Keeping House TN TN

Emma Blanchard Dau S Female W 12 WA TERR Attending School IND AK

Source Information: 1880

Census Place Walla Walla City, Walla Walla, Washington

Family History Library Film 1255398

NA Film Number T9-1398

Page Number 199B



Burial: Stateline Cemetery, Walla Walla Washington.2

Census 1: 1860, OR Wasco Walla Walla Pg 613B

Census 2: 1860, WA Walla Walla Walla Walla Pg 295

Census 3: 1870, WA Walla Walla Frenchtown Pg 10

Census 4: 1880, WA Walla Walla Dist 47 Pg 199B

Emigration: 1854, AR by Ox Team 18 yrs old

Occupation: 1892, Farmer

Picnic: 1892, Weston, Umatilla, OR

Residence: 1892, Eureka Junction, WA


An Illustrated History Of Walla Walla County, State Of Washington, W. H. Lever, Publisher, 1901, page 399

MRS. ELIZABETH J. BLANCHARD, a hotel keeper and farmer, residing at Eureka Junction, was born in Arkansas July 7, 1844. She crossed the plains with the remainder of her family in 1859, and since that date her life has been linked with the destinies of Walla Walla Valley. There were only eight white women in the valley at this time, and not a school or a church closer than The Dalles, Oregon.

Her father bought a squatter's right and engaged in farming and stock raising, and she lived with him until June 27, 1861, when she married Mr. A. A. Blanchard. The latter also bought a claim and engaged in farming, stock raising and teaming, while Mrs. Blanchard, wishing to contribute her share toward the establishment of a home, attended to the butter making. They lived on the original homestead for thirteen years, then moved to the town of Walla Walla, continuing, however, in their former occupation, that of stock raising. Fourteen years were passed in this locality and during that time they witnessed the gradual growth and development of the town, there being only one store in the place when they first moved into the valley.

About 1888 they sold their interests in the vicinity of Walla Walla, moved to Eureka Junction, bought more land and engaged in the dual occupation of farming and hotel keeping. In 1898 Mr. Blanchard died, but his widow, having learned self-reliance in the hard school of a pioneer country, has carried on both the farming and the hotel keeping successfully alone, personally managing, her wheat farm of six hundred and forty acres, the same being the land upon which Eureka Junction is located.

Mrs. Blanchard is a active member of the Free Baptist church. She is deeply interested in the establishment of a first-class institution of learning in the Junction, under the auspices of that denomination, and has shown her interest in a very substantial way, donating ten acres of her land for the use of the school. She is a thoroughly sincere, good woman, devoted heart and soul to the advancement of the cause of Christ and the uplifting of humanity.

Mr. and Mrs. Blanchard had no children of their own, but have reared and educated four, taking them in childhood and training them to become respected members of society. The first was the infant child of an esteemed friend. She is now Mrs. Fredelle Sharp, wife of a farmer on the Touchet River; the second, a daughter of Mrs. Blanchard's brother, is now the wife of William Mann, of Eureka; the remaining two are Clara and Dora McElhaney, who still reside with Mrs. Blanchard.



Mrs. Elizabeth J. Blanchard was Eighth White Woman in Valley; Came in 1859.

Mrs. ElizabethJ ane Blanchard, 88, who was the eighth white woman in the

Walla Walla Valley when she came here in 1859, died Tuesday night at the

home of her brother, Millage McElhaney, in Yamhill, Oregon.

Born July 7, 1844 in Arkansas, she came west across the plains from Little

Rock in 1859. Her father took up a homestead on the Walla Walla River near

the present site of the Whitman monument. At that time there were no schools

or churches closer than The Dalles, Oregon.

She was married, Jun 7, 1861, to A. A. Blanchard, in Walla Walla. Blanchard

ran a freight line between Walla Walla and The Dalles, Oregon and Boise,

Idaho, in the early days. He died in 1898.

'Move to Eureka.'

About 1888, the Blanchards moved to Eureka flat, and ranched on this land

upon which Eureka was built. They built the hotel at Eureka when the

Northern Pacific Railroad was built through that section.

Mrs. Blanchard had lived about a year at Yamhill, and had lived in Walla

Walla for nearly 20 years since leaving Eureka.

She had no children of her own, but reared four from childhood. Mrs. Clara

Stutsman and Mrs. Dora Saltmarsh live at Walla Walla, while Mrs. Fredell

Sharp, formerly of the Touchet River region, is now of Seaside, Oregon.

Ambrose McElhaney of Spokane is a brother of Mrs. Statsman.

Mrs. Blanchard wore the oldest badge at a pioneers' meeting here two years

ago. She was a member of the Church of God.


1900 Census Washington Walla Walla Eureka Pct Pg 53(19 June 1900 Surman W Yend)

Line 16

93 95 Blanchard E. J. Head WF July 1844 Wd 0 0 Arkansas Tennessee Tennessee Farming

McEleny Clara Niece WF Sept 1882 17 S Oregon Arkansas Unk

----------, Dora Niece WF Dec 1884 15 S Oregon Arkansas Unk


1910 Census Washington Walla Walla Walla Walla WD-1 Pg 135B(April 19 1910 Emmett Argo)

Line 55

644 90 90 Blanchard Elizabeth Head FW 66 Wd 0 0 Arkansas Tennessee Tennessee English Own Income

Waverham Dora Niece FW 25 S 00 Oregon Arkansas Missouri English None


1930 Census Oregon Yamhill Yamhill Dist 33 Pg 152B(April 3 1930 Flossie M Bunn)

Line 53

15 16 Blanchard Elizabeth J Head O 900 no FW 85 Wd 17 No Yes Arkansas Tennessee Tennessee None


Burial: Yamhill, OR

Census 1: 1850, AR Madison Kings River Pg 4

Census 2: 1870, WA Walla Walla Frenchtown Pg 10

Census 3: 1880, WA Walla Walla Dist 47 Pg 199B

Census 4: 1900, WA Walla Walla Eureka Pct Pg 53

Census 5: 1910, WA Walla Walla Walla Walla WD-1 Pg 135B

Census 6: 1930, OR Yamhill Yamhill Dist 33 Pg 152B


Marriage: 27 Jun 1861, Walla Walla, Walla Walla, Washington



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