Marie Laguisvoise ‘Dorion’

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Marie Laguesvoise ‘Dorion’ was born in 1786 in St. Louis Territory, Missouri and died September 5, 1850 in St. Louis, Marion County, Oregon.  She married (1) Pierre Dorion II on January 10, 1806, the son of Pierre Dorion I and Holy Rainbow.  He was born in 1780 in Yankton, Dakotas, and died January 10 1814 on the bank of the Boise River near Caldwell Idaho.  She married (2) Louis Joseph Venier about 1819.  His birth is unknown, and he died about 1821.  She married (3) Jean Baptiste Toupin on July 19, 1841 in the Mission of the Wallamette.  He was born in 1792 in Maskinonge, Canada, and died September 14 1862 in St. Louis, Marion County, Oregon.

 Notes for Marie ‘Dorion’:

Other names shown in Family Group Record, IGI are Marie Aoise or L/Aguvoise.

Nationality:  4/4 NA (Native American)


Mission of the Wallamette

B 31-Marie Laguivoise (Madame Dorion), July 19, 1841.  Marie Laguivoise, aged 51 years Born of infidel, native parents of St Louis, U.S.A.  Godfather, Joseph Delard, godmother, Angelique.  F.N.B.

This would indicate she was born in 1790.

 Mission of the Wallamette

M 4-Jean Baptiste  Toupin and Marie Laguivoise, July 19, 1841.  Jean Baptiste Toupin, farmer previously of Mackinonge, Canada, and Marie Laguivoise born of native, infidel parents of St. Louis, U.S.A.  Witnesses Joseph Delard, Francois Xavier Laderoute.  Legitimatizing children by two previous marriages.  Known children, Francois, aged 16 years; Marianna, aged 14 years.  Children by previous alliances of Marie Laguivoise, Marguerite Venier, aged 21 years; Jean Baptiste Dorion, aged 25 years.  N.N.B.

 Catholic Church Records of the Pacific Northwest

ST Louis Volumes 1 & 2 Gervais, Brooks

P24 S20-Marie Ayvoise (Iowa) Mme. Toupin- The 6 September, 1850, we undersigned parish priest of St. Louis have buried in the Church of this parish

Marie Ayvoise, wife of Jean Toupin, deceased the day before, age 100 (sic) Witnesses, Luc Gagnon, Joseph Dellart.  Delorme


Marie Toupin was dead by the time of the 1850 Census, which was taken on the 28 Jan 1851.

 Children of Pierre Dorion II and Marie ‘Dorion’ are:   (These are children that have been documented.  There may be more.)

         1.      Paul  (b.1808/09).

2.       Jean Baptiste (b.1812/13).

3.       Unnamed baby, born 29 December 1811, while enroute from St. Louis to Astoria on the Pacific coast.  (This baby died within a month). 

Child of Louis Venier and Marie 'Dorion' is:

+                         i.               MarguerIte2 Venier, born 1819 in OR Terr; died 07 May 1858 in St. Louis Mission, Marion, OR.


 Children of Jean Toupin and Marie 'Dorion' are:

+                         i.               Francois2 Toupin, born 1824 in O.T.; died 1862.

+                       ii.               Marianne Toupin, born 1826 in OR Terr.


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