Henry Lafayette Frazier

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Research by Sarah Olsen

June 10, 2005

Generation No. 1

1. HENRY LAFAYETTE3 FRAZIER (WILLIAM SAMUEL2, JAMES1) was born 20 Mar 1846 in Hardin County, TN, and died 20 Apr 1932 in Milton, Umatilla, OR. He married LUCY FRANCES MOSS 12 Apr 1874 in Milton, Umatilla, OR, daughter of JAMES MOSS and ZERILDA CROWLEY. She was born 08 Jun 1858 in Knoxville, Ray, MO, and died 30 Jan 1955 in Milton, Umatilla, OR.


1880 Census OR Umatilla Weston Pg 31C

Henry M. FRAZIER Self M Male W 34 TN Farmer MA TN

Lucy F. FRAZIER Wife M Female W 21 MO MO MO

Lolo FRAZIER Dau S Female W 2 OR TN MO

Louisa NEEFUS Niece Female W 16 MO MO MO

Charles BLACK Other S Male W 39 IN IL MD


1900 Census OR Umatilla Milton Dist 114 Pg 112B (5 June 1900 Geo A Cowl)

Line 66

88 87 Frazier Henry L Head WM Mar 1846 54 M25 Tennessee NC AL Farmer

---------------, Lucy F Wife WF June 859 41 M25 (5 Children 4 Alive) Missouri MO MO

---------------, Lola J Daugher WF Feb 1878 22 S Oregon TN MO

---------------, Thomas C Son WM June 1881 18 S Oregon TN MO At School

---------------, Chester W Son WM FEb 1890 10 S Oregon TN MO At School

---------------, Bessie S Daughter WF Dec 1891 8 S Oregon TN MO At School

Thompson Thomas Boarder WM Apr 1861 39 S Illinois TN OH Day Laborer


Pioneer Picnic 1892 Roster at Weston Oregon shows Henry L. Frazier arriving in Oregon 1867 by Mule Team.


1910 Census OR Umatilla S Milton Pct Dist 265 Pg 214A (16-23 April 1910 Nathan L Mason)

Line 50

361 359 Frazier Henry L Head MW 64 M1 36 Tennessee NC AL Retired Farmer

----------------, Lucy F Wife FW 51 M1 36 (9 Children 3 Alive) Missouri MO MO

----------------, Chester W Son MW 20 S Oregon TN MO


1920 Census OR Umatilla Pct 11 Dist 150 Pg 56B (3-5 January 1920 A Alonzo Harris)

Line 75 (Chestnut)

41 46 Frazier Henry Head MW 73 M Tennessee NC AL None

--------------, Lucy F Wife FW 61 M Missouri MO MO

--------------, Chester Son MW 29 S Oregon TN MO

Siefhe Edith Servant FW 17 S Washington Germany Germany Servant Private Family


1930 Census OR Umatilla Milton Dist 14 Pg 55 (4 April 1930 Catherine Reed)

Line 20 (Chestnut)

34 43 Frazier Henry Head 4,000 MW 84 M28 Tennessee NC AL None

-------------------, Lucy F Wife FW 71 M16 Missouri MO MO

-- 44 Frazier Chester Head MW 40 M 35 Oregon TN MO Miner Placer Mine

-------------------, Mable Wife FW 36 M 31 Oregon KY KY

-------------------, Jo Anne Daughter FW 4 S Oregon OR OR

-------------------, Janette Daughter FW 3 S Oregon OR OR


Oregon Death Index, (Ancestry.com), "Electronic,"

Name: Frazier, Henry

County: Umatilla

Death Date: 28 Apr 1932

Certificate: 102

Spouse: Lucy

See FRAZIER BOOK at Frazier Farmstead Museum.


Name 2: Henry L. Frazier1

Date born 2: Mar 1846, TN1

Burial: 21 Apr 1932, IOOF Cem, Milton-Freewater, Umatilla, OR A-3

Census 1: 1850, TN Hardin Dist 9 Pg 2122

Census 2: 1860, TX Johnson Rock Creek Pg 479B2

Census 3: 1870, Milton, Umatilla, OR3

Census 4: 1870, OR Umatilla Walla Walla Pct Pg 382B4

Census 5: 1880, OR Umatilla Weston Pg 31C

Census 6: 1900, Milton, Umatilla, OR [112b]5

Census 7: 1900, OR Umatilla Milton Dist 114 Pg 112B

Census 8: 1910, OR Umatilla S Milton Pct Dist 265 Pg 214A

Census 9: 1920, OR Umatilla Pct 11 Dist 150 Pg 56B

Census 10: 1930, OR Umatilla Milton Dist 14 Pg 55

Emigration: 1867, TX by Mule Team 21 yrs old5

Name source: 1867, Pioneer Step #30 Pd by Mabel Frazier

Occupation: 1892, Farmer5

Picnic: 1892, Weston, Umatilla, OR5

Residence: 1892, Milton, Umatilla, OR5


1900 census shows father and mother born in MO. Shows she had 5 children, 4 living.


Oregon Death Index, (Ancestry.com), "Electronic,"

Name: Frazier, Lucy F

County: Umatilla

Death Date: 30 Jan 1955

Certificate: 2302 [1892 Pioneers.FTW]


Burial: 31 Jan 1955, IOOF Cem, Milton-Freewater, Umatilla, OR A-3

Census 1: 1860, MO Ray Polk Pg 130 (see father)

Census 2: 1870, OR Umatilla Walla Walla Pct Pg 376B (see father)

Census 3: 1880, OR Umatilla Weston Pg 31C6

Census 4: 1900, Milton Precinct, Umatilla, OR [112b]6

Census 5: 1910, OR Umatilla S Milton Pct Dist 265 Pg 214A6

Census 6: 1920, OR Umatilla Pct 11 Dist 150 Pg 56B6

Census 7: 1930, OR Umatilla Milton Dist 14 Pg 556

Marriage Notes for HENRY FRAZIER and LUCY MOSS:


1874 Umatilla County Marriages

H.L. Frazier to Lucy F. Moss


Marriage 1: 12 Apr 1874, Milton, Umatilla, OR

Children of HENRY FRAZIER and LUCY MOSS are:

i. MARTHA DORA4 FRAZIER, b. 31 Jan 1875, OR; d. 26 Oct 1878, OR.

ii. LOLA JANE FRAZIER, b. 17 Feb 1878, OR; d. 11 Jul 1963, Walla Walla, Walla Walla, WA; m. WILLIAM R. ANDERSON, Abt. 1902; b. 15 Sep 1877, Umatilla, OR; d. 14 Sep 1951, Walla Walla, Walla Walla, WA.

iii. THOMAS CROWLEY FRAZIER, b. 24 Jun 1881, OR; d. 02 Jul 1955, Eugene, Lane, OR; m. MYRTLE G. PLANT, 29 Aug 1906, Oxford, MS; b. Abt. 1887, MS; d. 27 Feb 1964, Lane County, OR.

iv. CHESTER WILKINS FRAZIER, b. 14 Feb 1890, OR; d. 28 Mar 1948, Portland, Multnomah, OR; m. MABEL E. SAUNDERS, Abt. 1924, Per 1930 census; b. Abt. 1883, OR; d. 02 Apr 1982, Bellview, Warren, WA.

v. BESSIE SERILDA FRAZIER, b. 18 Dec 1891, Milton, Umatilla, OR; d. 27 Oct 1901, Milton, Umatilla, OR.

FROM "HISTORY OF OREGON" VOL. 3, by Charles Henry Carey, Chicago-Portland: Pioneer Historical Pub. Co., 1922. p. 508

HENRY L. FRAZIER: A man prominent in the agricultural, political and financial circles of Umatilla county is Henry L. Frazier, who is now living retired in Milton. Like many other of Oregon's most prominent men he is not a native son, his birth having occurred in Hardin county, Tennessee, on the 20th of March, 1846. His parents were William S. and Paulina (Williams) Frazier, natives of the southland, the father born in North Carolina and the mother in Selma, Alabama. In the latter state Mr. and Mrs. Frazier were married and there the father engaged in farming for a number of years. In 1855 they removed to Hood county, Texas, settling on Fall creek and later on Walnut creek, where they operated land. In 1864 William Frazier enlisted in the Confederate army, was taken ill with pneumonia and was soon afterward discharged. He served in Sweet's regiment. In many Indian uprisings Henry L. Frazier took an active part, participating in many skirmishes under the command of Captain Cathy. The Comanche and Kiowa Indians were responsible for most of the uprisings. In 1867 Mr. and Mrs. William Frazier and family drove overland to Oregon, the trip being made in wagons drawn by four horse and mule teams, and the journey taking six months to a day. They located on the land now owned by Henry L. Frazier, the subject of this review which consisted of one hundred and sixty acres of unimproved land. In 1868 William Frazier built a substantial log house on the farm and later a good frame house and here resided until his death. The original town of Milton had its beginning on a part of his farm and he was one of the most active and enthusiastic men in its upbuilding. He added to his original tract until he had three hundred and twenty acres, some of the best land in the county. His death occurred in 1896 at the age of seventy-two years. Throughout his life he was a staunch supporter of the democratic party, in the interests of which he took an active part, and both he and his wife were consistent members of the Methodist Episcopal church.
The boyhood of Henry L. Frazier was spent in Hood county, Texas, on the ranch of his father and when he was twenty-one years of age he crossed the plains with his parents to Oregon and worked with his father for five years and at the same time he engaged in freighting. Subsequently he entered into farming on his own account, purchasing a preemption of one hundred and sixty acres near Weston for three hundred dollars. He improved this land, bringing it to a high state of cultivation and he built a fine brick house on it, in which he resided for a period of fifteen years. He sold this land for fifty dollars per acre and in 1889 he bought three hundred and sixty-five acres near Milton, which he also improved and sold in 1908. His next purchase consisted of an eleven hundred and twenty acre tract in Juniper canyon, north of Pendleton. He operated this land until the spring of 1919 and then sold it. In 1889 he built a comfortable residence in Milton and here he is now residing. On removing to Milton he immediately identified himself with important business projects and it was not long before he was elected to the office of mayor, in which office he served the public to the best of his ability. He has been a member of the city council and county commissioner for four years. In financial circles Mr. Frazier is well known, having been president of the First National Bank for over twenty years. This bank was organized in 1889 and became a national institution in 1908. The bank was assured success from the start and it has a branch at Freewater.

In 1874 Mr. Frazier was united in marriage to Miss Lucy Moss, daughter of Thomas and Soralda (Crowley) Moss, and a native of Ray county, Missouri. Her family came west in 1865, located on Birch creek, Umatilla county, and later settled south of Milton, her father buying land here. Mr. Moss passed away in 1895, while his wife died in 1882. To the union of Mr. and Mrs. Frazier three children were born: Lola, Thomas and Chester W.

The political allegiance of Mr. Frazier is given to the democratic party and he is a firm believer in the principles of that party as factors in good government. He is a member of the Masons and an exemplary member of the craft and likewise a member of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows. The religious faith of Mr. and Mrs. Frazier is that of the Methodist Episcopal church, in the activities of which organization they take a prominent part. He has always been keenly interested in the affairs of town and county and his activities touch the general interests of society and the spirit of enterprise which dominates the west is manifest in his life.