Furnished by Harold Slavik, PCC

Graves Registration Officer, Oregon

Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War


Civil War Veterans, Milton-Freewater

IOOF Cemetery, Umatilla County, Oregon

Name Headstone Unit DOD

Bailey, William H. Mil Cpl, Co G, 10th MI Infantry 30 Sep 1937

Bennett, Larier Mil Sgt, Co K, 52nd IL Infantry

Christian, Claiburn P. Pvt Co B, 5th WV Infantry 1933

Descendants of Andrew Christian

Cockburn, Andrew C. Both Co F, 45th MO Infantry 12 Apr 1907

Cockburn, Thomas F. Both Sgt, Co E, 7th MO SM Cavalry 21 Jul 1906

Coe, Samuel K. Pvt Co F, 148th IL Infantry 1918

Descendants of Samuel K. Coe

Colley, Gibson H. Mil Co C, 15th MO Cavalry 30 Aug 1919

Descendants of Thomas Colley

Couch, John Mil Co C 40th MO Infantry 9 Jan 1913

Descendants of Elijah W. Couch

Demaris, Jacob Mil Co H, 41st IL Infantry 9 Aug 1928

Gibson, Horatio Mil Co K, 146th IL Infantry Jun 1894

Getchell, Abiel, Pvt marker, Co  I, 22nd ME Infantry DOD 12 Oct 1922

Descendants of Ezekiel Getchell

Harris, James H. Pvt Co C, 16th WI Infantry 1925

Hayes, Thomas J. Mil Cpl, Co G, 8th MO SM Cavalry

Descendants of George Hayes

Henderson, Thomas H. Pvt 1st Lt, Co D, 6th MO Cavalry 11 Dec 1913

Descendants of William H. Henderson

Jones, Daniel E. Mil Co F, 44th IA Infantry

Descendants of Benjamin Jones

Jones, John F. Mil Comm. Sgt, Co A, 1st DE Cavalry 11 Nov 1914

Keeler, Alva A. Mil Co F, 2nd CO Infantry

Descendants of Carlos Alonzo Keeler

Lee, Hiram Binoni Pvt Co A, 80th IL Infantry 1925

Mason, Nathan G. Mil Co A, 1st OH Lt. Artillery 29 Jan 1920

McKenzie, John L. Both Co H, 8th KS Infantry 1912

Descendants of Joseph McKenzie

Obert, Lewis Pvt Cpl, Co H, 9th IS Infantry 1925

O’Brien, James Mil Co A, 17th IL Cavalry 4 Feb 1924

Descendants of James O

Peavy, George Allen Pvt Co G, 1st NY Dragoons 1923

Pierce, Nathan Pvt Sgt, Co I, 42nd IN Infantry 26 Jul 1899

Rinker, Oliver Clark Mil Sgt, Co B, 6th KS Cavalry 9 Sep 1920

Sheets, Daniel J. Mil Co D, 63rd OH Infantry

Sipe, Noah R. Mil Co C, 4th WV Cavalry

Smith, James Walker Both Co E, 124th IL Infantry 13 Sep 1917

Talbert, Jonathan Both Co D, 9th IA Cavalry 17 Feb 1909

Todd, Silas Newton Mil Co D, 156th IN Infantry

Wallace, P. M. Mil Co C, 13th MO Cavalry 5 Aug 1910

West, Joseph Pvt Co E, 98th IL Infantry 26 Nov 1920

Williams, Lafayette Mil Co L, 5th MO Eng Mil 4 Jul 1915

Woods, Samuel A. Mil Co D, 35th OH Infantry 29 Nov 1917

Yeakey, William Mil Cpl, 1st MO Lt. Artillery 28 Mar 1915

Descendants of Henry Yeakey




Dougherty, Isaac, Military marker, McLain's Co Lt. Artillery

Morse, Arira, Military Marker, Co C, 13th IA Infantry, DOD 8 Feb 1904

Rader, W.H. No marker found, 2nd Lt, Co G, 46th IN Infantry DOD 18 Feb 1916